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Welcome , I am Ateņo your camp coordinator. , I will ask you to send me your tent/s size including fly or other sundry you want to set up, the area you wish to set up in and approximate arrival date/time.

Unlike Pennsic, I do not count how many people that stay in the tent nor do you get a land allotment nor guaranteed site assignment.  You do get as much land as you request, as long as your are sensible about it.  Please do not request for other people, please do not reserve a large area for "everyone in the household, cause they will pay when they show up" and please don't be a blighter....

Please note that there are NO CARS ALLOWED on the map at all, you are welcome to use carts, tagalongs or hand-trucks. There will be one staff truck allowed transit for staff activities only.

Be sure to include to me your choice of land area in order and those that pay and reserve early get preferential seniority.  The camping areas are separated by an artificial road and again split in artificial halves.  This website: http://www.scribblemaps.com/api/maps/images/450/450/5_eHXILRMg.png is a satellite overhead shot with the approximate boundaries drawn in.  These will be painted on grass by the time you arrive.

Please remember this is not Pennsic, you will not be spending a week here.  There are no ground fires allowed, .  No need for a kitchen set up, personal shower or supply tent.

If there are any questions about camping, please let me know, I am here to help and make you attendance at our event a happy one.

Ateno of Annun Ridge - ateno@panix.com

Camp Map