A Funny thing happened to St Andrew on the way to the forum- An Investiture



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In honor of their Majesties visit and the events of the day, a series of gladiatorial games shall be held.  Entrants will compete for honor, glory, prizes and the recently vacated position of Baronial Champion.  All authorized fighters may enter and win the tournament, but only baronial residents who desire to serve as champion may seek the title.   There will be prizes for the first, second and, third place in the tournament and the prize for champion will be a year of duty and service. 
Tournament format
BE PREPARED TO FIGHT ALL WEAPONS FORMS.  Some loaner gauntlets and weapons may be available, if you are not authorized in a form there will be a chance to authorize prior to the start of the tournament, or other modifications can be made

Round Robin Rotating Weapons Forms
A round robin singles tournament will take place first.  Combatants will be able to use any weapons form they wish and in any order they wish, but may only use that form once.  The weapons forms will be limited to;
Weapon and shield
Two weapon
Great sword
Pole arm
In the event the number of rounds exceeds the approved number of forms, combatants may be subject to the whim of the crowd. Each combatant will receive one point per victory in the lists. 

Round Robin Melee 
Combatants will be divided into two teams and will engage in a no resurrection field battle.  At the end of each combat one fighter from each team will switch sides until either all combinations of teams has been exhausted, or the fighters are.  Every member of a winning team will receive one point per battle won. 

A final round shall be fought if it is deemed necessary or amusing to the assembled crowd.  Format may be surprising. 

The fencing tourneys for St Andrews will be a  unique set of challenges to mark our Investiture.  The first tourney will be a Roman Senate style.  All fencers will start in the field, and at the start of the tourney, you are engaged with all persons in the field.  At the onset, you are not allowed to confront a fencer immediately on either side of you, nor can you contest any person in a safe zone (safe zones are for dead persons only).  There will be NO death from behind, standard calibration and wounds will apply, knee walking is allowed, and you must actively engage a fencer by verbally challenging them in their front field of view. Fencers can be engaged by a maximum of FOUR fencers at once. If a fencer is killed, they must go to a scorekeeper and report who killed you and stay there. (the marked corners will be a safe zone).  The fencer who dies can choose which other fencer gets credit for their kill, if there are multiple opponents engaged and simultaneous hits occur.  You must keep track of who killed you, for if that person is killed, you are to re-enter the list.    Each fencer can choose ANY weapon combo they prefer, and once eliminated, can opt to change weapons.  If one fencer manages to kill off all the contestants, special points will be awarded and the field will reset.  This will be a timed 1 hour tourney, scoring is 1 point for killing a fencer, 5 points for being last fencer standing.

Lorenzo Quintain Memorial Tourney.  This tourney will commemorate our friend Lorenzo who was the self proclaimed “Worst Fighter of the East Kingdom.”  To make this tourney special, this is a round robin format, and each fencer will be fighting left handed sword, and other hand will be using the form you are least proficient, as voted by your fellow fencers (regardless of your  dominance of hand).  Best 2 out of 3 passes, double kills counts towards both fencers. Only a tie for the bottom seed will be refought, until a clear “worst fencer” is found.  There is a small prize for the top seed, but the real catch is a special reward for the bottom placement, and a request  that they plan and host the following year's St. Andrew's Tourney or a  Memorial tourney of your choosing. The “winner” has to be present during Court as the new Coronets and myself have a special presentation.  This is Lorenzo's Tourney, after all...
P.S. I had planned a tourney of this type two years ago, and Lorenzo agreed that this would be fun, to say the least.  Hope to see many fencers there!