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  A Funny thing happened to St. Andrew on the way to the Forum

Baronial Officers

Seneschal (President)

Master Jean Xavier Boullier

Deputy Seneschal

Lord Miquel d'Avinhon


David Vazquez de Valencia 


Suzanne Nueber de Londres

 Herald (Purisuivant)

Lady Violet Hughes

Knight Marshal (Supervisor of Combat Activities)

Torfi Jarnhnefi

 Exchequer (Treasurer)

Lady Helena Lundonie

Chronicler (Newsletter Editor)

Lady Hermina de Pagan

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Monkey Makgee

Chatelaine (Welcomes People)


Minister of Lists

Akos Zekel

Seneschal of the Canton of Hawks Reach

Lady Michele the Ubiquitous

Baronial Appointments

Captain of Archers 

Genevieve Velleman

Captain of Fence 

Lord Eanraig the Bonesetter

Chamberlain (Keeps Track of Stuff)

Baron Don Jean Xavier Boullier



Lord Ronan FitzRobert.



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